अन्नपूर्णे सदा पूर्णे शंकरप्राणवल्लभे I
ज्ञानवैराग्यसिध्य भिक्षंI देहि च पार्वती II

 O Mother Annapurna, (Goddess of Food and nourishment) You Who are always Full (with the gift of Food and Blessings), You Who are the Beloved of Shankara, …O Mother Parvati, Please grant me the Alms of Your Grace, to awaken within me Spiritual Knowledge and Freedom from all Worldly Desires.”

Food has emotions. A person cooking food for us in our kitchen – may be our mother / wife
/ grandmother …. Have emotions loaded with love and gratitude. When a combination of
two positive emotions exists in a cooking and dining area, it has a potency to nourish our
mind and soul along with our body. We often hear people talking about their own favourite
dish, have emotional connections. Plain curd-rice / Idli-chutney / Dal-rice / Chapati-
vegetable – each dish has a story behind, which has been imprinted in our memory. This is
the reason same dish prepared by different people has varied taste.
Our body is made up of cells. Each individual cell needs nourishment. Scientifically food
contains a combination of macro and micro nutrients. These nutrients, including protein,
healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, nourish us on a cellular level. While healthy fats and
protein bolster our cellular walls or membranes, vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals
called phytonutrients help to protect and repair our cells from damage.
Food does more than filling our stomachs — it also satisfies feelings with emotional eating.
Taste preferences are influenced by different factors including genetics, culture, food
presentation and role models such as parents, and taste preferences change over time.
Going ahead with blessings of Goddess, Lets begin the journey of Food stories and Food-
emotions with Aruvai….