Diet With Vaidehi

Bringing health and happiness to your doorsteps.

Management of :
1. Diabetes
2. Cholesterol
3. Fatty Liver
4. Weight
5. Hypertension
6. Gout
7. Cardiac Nutrition Rehabilitation

What will I get?

  • Health Assessment/Arogya Kundali
  • Individualized Diet Plan
  • Health Tracker
  • Happiness Journal
  • Self-Empowerment with boosted Confidence.
  1. Analysis of present nutritional status
  2. One Tele-consultation
  3. Detailed Personalised diet plan
Get a nutrition Plan for your family

Diet Plans

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Sincerity and consistency is mandatory 😊

🙂 Happy to serve you and bring happiness to your doorsteps. See you!!