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From the tempting world of Vaidehi’s Bhoj

Dear Food Lover,

Cooking is an art, obviously also a skill. Cooking is about creating something delicious for our dear ones. I strongly believe that real cooking is more about following your heart than mere recipe. The spoons and measuring cups do give us an idea about exact portion amount but actual flavour in the recipe is added due to personal touch.

Aruvai joins you in the world of delicious food journey. Together let’s explore this amazing delicaies from different regions of India at the same time with a touch of health inputs. The basic purpose is to enjoy cooking and eating together keeping self as well as entire family safe, healthy and happy. Besides boosting an immunity, we will also learn different recipes for managing different clinical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia etc with the help of various functional foods from the kitchen. Also we are very keen to guide our friends about Kitchen Pharmacy – A Functional Masala Dabba – The Kitchen King... (No relation with any company)

We have not kept any structured format about Vaidehi’s Bhoj page. We will plan, prepare and share the recipes or any guiding note on the spot. Lets begin the delicious journey…