The Story of Us

Hello and Namaste from Vaidehi Amogh 🙂 

Welcome to Aruvai Family!. Why are we here? There is a reason we are meeting. If you checked out the “About Me.” page then you know my name is Vaidehi Amogh.  Looking at the front page, you know it’s a website related to #health #Nutrition #EmotionalWellbeing #Inspirations – A complete Fitness story, in a Holistic way. Glad you came by.  Am blessed! I wanted to welcome you and let you know I appreciate you spending time here at my page and take the key message which will have positive influence on you and your near and dear ones. Everyone is so busy irrespective of any age or profession, and life moves pretty fast, so I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day and meet us.Thanks.

In this Corona Age many confusing / misguiding posts are viral. A layman gets confused what to believe and follow. Please understand that each one of us is unique. So a common message cannot be individualised. But it can be very well understood if spoken from heart based on professional experience of more than two decades. You honest comments / ideas are also welcome. I am more than happy to answer your queries. I think honest comments given in an honest positive manner is something we can all learn and grow from if we are open to hearing it.  You can write to us
I will always do my best to bring you content that will interest, inspire, motivate and maybe even have you walking away thinking about and seeing things in a different
way than before you came.  I want to write about more than just diet and exercise.  Life is so much more than that and I want to touch on everything because I think our lives are more than eating right.   I believe good health begins in the heart, mind and in the soul more than in a brain.   So this blog will be as much devoted to those parts of our lives, personal, heart, etc.. as Nutrition and health..
I promise to be honest about me and my life, what I have experienced and who I am.
I promise that I will always research my posts.
I promise that I will bring you content that will inspire you holistically!!
Thanks for letting me, Bon Healthy!