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You are @ the right place if your Goal is to :


Be your Own
Health Manager

Get rid of Toxins /
Internal Body Pollution

Keep your Family

Have Hormonal

Health, Happiness and Well-being is a journey. Join us to meet a better version of yourself with “Nutrition Prescription and Personal Transformational Guidance” to help resolve your own health issues & experience the ‘Aa-ha’ moment..

-Vaidehi Amogh
-Founder and Chief Nutrition Officer
@Aruvai Health Solutions

Clinical Dietician | Motivational Speaker

| Media Columnist | Holistic Life-Style Coach

A picture of Dr. Vaidehi Amogh

Vaidehi Amogh

With over twenty five years of rich and varied experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Vaidehi relishes every moment of helping others nourish their body, mind and soul through professional approach in practical way! Her approach is holistic, something beyond “eat this” or “don’t eat that”. She strongly believes in Nutrition Symptomatology, a communication with your own body.

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