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Vaidehi Amogh

Dietician | Lecturer | Columnist | Life-Style Coach

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With over twenty five years of rich and varied experience in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Vaidehi relishes every moment of helping others nourish their body, mind and soul through professional approach in practical way! Her approach is holistic, something beyond “eat this” or “don’t eat that”.
She strongly believes in Nutrition Symptomatology, a communication with your own body. Give a patient listening to body’s signals and understand the root cause of the health problem. To reverse the clinical condition with the key of “root cause”, counsel the patient in the most systematic way in terms of diet – what, when, how and where to eat along , hydration levels with practical physical activities, sleeping time-duration-quality, stress management techniques!
She does not believe in n…. number of follow-ups as the patient is well educated and also thoroughly convinced regarding “why” and “How” of his own health status and she is well aware of the fact that one member of the family is on right health path, the others get motivated.

She strongly believes the fact – “Achieving health through Nutrition is an ongoing process and not merely destination.” She has invested a lot of time in understanding different food habits from various regions of India as well as western countries. Being a cross-country traveller she tried to explore the varied eating culture and one common element which was noticed is “ A psychology of eating” – Emotions behind the Food preparation as well as consumption. Cooking and serving with gratitude is her passion. This Food Journey has been a lovely affair.
A combination of simple as well as tasty food not only helps in gaining / improving or retaining health but also has amazing role to play in keeping a person calm and happy at emotional level. She feels  its “Food Sanskaras” which add “Pran – Life Force” in food which helps us to purify the body.

Cooking with passion, Serving with love and eating with gratitude is all the basis of “Being Mindful”



Conducting workshops for schools, corporates and NGO’s on various nutrition topics specific to their needs. We provide Employee Wellness Programmes


One-on-one consults offered to an individual in form of online session 


A blogger / writer – Have vast experience in writing on varied topics related to Health / Nutrition / Recipes. 


Our body talks to us, we should spare a time for patient listening. I can be a translator between your body and you, to help you understand your body in a healthier way.